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Patient Portal

Clinical Trials

Rosedale Health and Wellness is committed to the highest level of quality care and treatment to our HIV/AIDS clients.  To be the best, we must do the best.  That includes being on the cutting edge of protocols and participating in drug trials for new medications and therapies that are being studied.  At times we have opportunities for our patients to enroll in some of these investigational trials.  Our research department is always investigating new opportunities.  Below is some information on studies that are currently enrolling or that we have recently participated in. 

If you have questions about our research or open enrolling studies, you can contact our research department.

What are clinical trials and why do we need them?

Clinical trials are research studies involving people.  They test whether particular treatments are safe and how well they work.  We need to know; does a treatment work, is it better than others, and are there any side effects (among many other factors)? Clinical trials are designed to answer these questions and improve health and quality of the lives of patients.  Until well-designed studies have been carried out, we simply do not have enough evidence to know if a treatment is both effective and safe. Without trials, there is a risk that people well be given treatments which do not work, and which may be harmful.

Open and Enrolling Study

Clinical research is core to Rosedale Health and Wellness’s goals of enhancing health, lengthening life, and reducing the burdens of illness and disability.  The clinical research program covers three decades of HIV/AIDS trials in our region and our research department remains committed to discover and provide new treatment options for our clients.

Participating in an HIV/AIDS clinical trial provides benefits to our clients and the community. Clients with HIV who participate in an HIV/AIDS clinical trial can benefit from new HIV medicines before they are widely available. By participating in clinical trials, clients will receive regular and comprehensive medical care from the research team. Trial medicines and medical care are often offered without charge.

To find out more about the current trials that are active and/or enrolling at Rosedale Health and Wellness, please contact our research department.